About The Gym

We focus on functional fitness at Helix Training. Our mission is to help you find safe and effective ways to achieve and maintain your fitness goals.

The Gym

Gym Layout

Every individual station has enough space for you to get your work in safely and effectively. This also allows our instructors to observe the whole class and make individual assessments or adjustments as needed.

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The Gym


From kettlebells, dumbells, barbells, and Trx suspension trainers our gym has all the practical equipment for straightforward functional strength training. Our focus on the essentials allows us to ensure that every movement for every member is done correctly, no matter what type of implement is being used.

The Gym


Our members are committed to achieving their fitness goals in a fun, supportive, and focused environment. Smaller class sizes allow for individual instructor attention so that your workout is right-sized for your skill level or fitness need. Get fit amongst friends!

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Are you ready to commit to your health and fitness with a program that is personalized and designed around your goals? Sign up for a class to try us out or send us a note to get more information.


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